Pure, is a word i use to explain you 

Pure like the way the sky is easily blue

Pure like the way we fit easily in every way possible

With you, the impossible seems so possible

With you, i feel like i am on top of the world

Protected from any negativity with you, i am in this beautiful dreamworld

Pure like the way we simply exist together and the universe takes care of the rest

Who would’ve guessed we’d end up in the best

I saw you sparkling

In the sun, everything is beautiful, i felt the tears starting

I thought the world couldn’t have gotten more beautiful until i met you

Something in the way you looked at me, and we both knew

We always know, some come and go, but is it too soon to say i wouldn't let you go?

There's a celebration in your eyes

Your eyes are like a garden full of every beautiful color and only blue skies

Your eyes are full of every possible good thing in the world

I look at you and i let out a sigh of relief

You are like a breath of fresh air 

You are rare, you are like anything that is fair

I can never help but stare, i'm sure you're aware

Your presence brings me peace with one share

Us against the world, and we make a great pair

You are my peace of mind

Since i met you things seem to be lighter, things seems to be more kind

I feel like i see more clearly and before i was a little blind

One look at you and i feel at peace, any anxiety is left behind

And i couldn’t be happier, you are like a gift that never stops giving more

You deserve every good thing in this world 

I am so lucky to have met you

As we grow and we glow, I always got you, and you always got me too

I guess you could say i'm a lucky girl, the luckiest

And the happiest

You are like anything that is above

Your hand will always fit the glove

And… its easy to say im in love 


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