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Well, let us start off with an essential cliché.

They are, indeed, essential, you know?

Anyhow, once upon a time…

And I cannot truthfully say: in a kingdom, far away.

For, yes, that may in fact be true, in a dream world.

But, the world in which we live in, is a dream.

So, this world, is right here. Within you and within me.

Oh, how divine. Yes, truly divine. For this world

Almost seems as though it is completely and

Utterly surreal. Yet, we ALL still feel.

This kingdom lives within us all, this kingdom,

Resembles Cinderella’s ball. But,

Picture a, very much, innocent one.

Wow, this initial kingdom, that all forms of life can witness,

Is truly perfect. For all the imperfectness within the world is not

Yet seen. Yes, yes, you are right: the life much prior to a teen.

Ah, now you have seen what I mean.

It is true! This kingdom is wondrous, filled with adventure and life and love and hope.  

Do I wish to go back? Well, I would be lying if I said nope.

Why do we wish to grow in hyper speed? This, is something I cannot cope.

The beauty of all this, however, is: we all have the power to enter the kingdom again.

You see, the astonishing creation of the human soul, is simply what we

Make of it.

So, why not keep it young?



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