the puppeteer


United States
39° 10' 45.1416" N, 74° 45' 38.3868" W

sitting next to you at the bar
wondering if our love is now to far
you tell me about the chumps you dated
the thought of you make me elated
wanting to call you for lunch
thinking you like me, but just a hunch
willing to change the way i live
for the chance to date you i want a bid
for the fact that i might have a chance
brings tears to my eyes like our first wedding dance
loose lips at the work place
the best and worst part is the chase
if i want you know i must be persistent
missing you so i cannot wait another instant
what must i do to get what i once had
cut my down the drugs by by more than tad
your my pride and joy my sweet little thing
these emotions are true and there is no acting


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