Puppet Girl

She’s the one  with big eyes who sees beauty everywhere ,and since of so you will

scarcely see them still, but since others don't see what she does, they judge her instead of putting in the effort to understand her instead

The sad thing is that  even though she sees beauty in the world ,she fails to see it in herself

She fears the strings that pull on her skin  and yet she knows that it is a part of who she is and without it she can't win

She is a wonderful actress , fooling everyone around her ,with ease ,barely even realizing she's doing it half the time for deception has become an instinct she now always follows

She longs for the crowds cheers that she hardly ever hears ,performing her big heart out , because she loves seeing people happy

Yet she wishes to be invisible so that when she slips no one will see the inevitable fall , for the littlest of mistakes ,the tiniest of mishaps could set  her on edge in fear of what they'll think and do when she does ,and her body hits the ground

Terror and panic hitting her like sticks and stones bruising and scarring her heart and lungs as the puppeteer yells lies to her

They have to be lies she tells herself ,reminding herself that she mustn't be the horrors he tells her she is,

The puppeteer disagrees , his voice is always louder

Occasionally the other actors in the play ,come and make her life turn brighter ,but she's learned the hard way that people never stay , and sure enough they all eventually go away

Leaving her like  a broken doll her legs and arms all gone and her head just barely holding on,  but she always quickly recovers,replacing her missing parts and fixes herself the best she can ,all the while knowing she'll never be the same ,hoping it's for the best

Her smiles are perfectly rehearsed

Her mouth knows just what to say

She knows just what to do

She is the perfect little puppet girl…..and she hates it!

​I am that puppet girl


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