The Pupil and the Teacher


During the ticks of his personal clock, the observant pupil has gazed in the nighttime sky

Towards that solid star as his source of inspiration.

That same being that has guided many since the time when Draco became greater than Thuban.

That same light that has revealed truths to such men as Caboto, Cartier, and Columbus

Can be further applied to teach such verities to every man.


While the exquisite brilliance of the star is not the greatest, it is most dignified.

And unlike all other beings, Polaris remains still after being tried.

That star’s changing appearance in altitude

Only changes based on a man’s personal latitude.

That star has provided opportunities for men with only a dream

Until success and happiness flow as a stream


And so, just as Na-Gah, the pupil strives to impress

And hopes that one day, he’ll wear the star’s dress

And at the top of Everest will the pupil reach closest to the star’s level

However, without the wisdom from experience,

This pupil’s angle from the star will always bevel.



Taylor Bowman

This poem is about a small thing that I wish would be changed.  It is the idea of leadership.  This leadership can be displayed through a father, mother, teacher, or friend.  This poem shows the power that more leadership can have on those being led.

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