Puff Puff Pass


Pu Puff Puff Pass *Smoking motion*

Pu Puff Puff Pass *Smoking motion*

It's like a jungle sometimes so I just roll that Tropic Thunder

Roll that Tropic Thunder

I stay high to keep from going under

Yo Kellz, it don't make you wonder

How it feeeeeels to INHALE kinda like. . .

You're in HELL, well hell

Let's do this

Psh it's Foolish to Choose this

This is for the losers the clueless

Who live life to make excuses

That's stupid what a nuisance

My ancestors got HIGH & CHOKED on nooses

So now I should make my decisions

Based on who has the most substance abuses

No weapon formed against me shall prosper

Let that penetrate in


This ain't No weapon

this'll open your chest like Cam Newton Celebrating

C'mon Kellz stop hesitating

get to levitating, you are perpetrating

Everytime you hit a stage you get nervous

Kellz you are far from perfect

I may be far from perfect

But I'm further from being worthless

ARGH! You're not even funny when will you let that serfuce you dummy


Jesus Christ believes I'm right

He sees the best in me you see the rest of me

DOUBT!!! I want you out you're not in my recipie

Ima keep it moving like a refugee

My lord carries my strips like a referee

Stop keep hatin' I'll roll all that hatred up

Next time, you'll think before you step to me


Pu puff puff Pass *throwing motion*

Pu Puff Puff Pass *throwing motion*


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