Public School


Little children in little clothes

walked into school with eyes closed

and all they ever needed to learn in Kindergarten

went in one ear and out the other.

Teachers smiled and teachers cried.

Tommy didn't understand and he didn't ask why;

his mother was so grateful that her child 

was not left behind

when all the little feet drug on to middle school.

One grade reviews the other,

so easy to learn when Ms. Mother Hubbard

takes you by both hands and gives an 'A' 

for remembering what you did last year.

Two tracks are formed, the great divide.

The diploma earned, the same both sides:

the valedictorian sighs as he looks into the eyes of his 'equal',

who had not done homework for years.

"Did you learn anything new at school today?"


They all stopped learning long ago. 

Is it worth hindering a million minds

to not leave one child behind

whose purpose in life may be so great

without learning nothing

for twelve years.



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