A symphony of horror

Plays before my deceitful eyes

Just looking at them is torture

I try to remember it's all a lie


The tremondous demon suspened above me

Extensive teeth, only inches away

His hand grips my neck tightly

Nails that could slice me open, but refrain


Beseeching a bargain, I plead

But I'm shaken and choked silent

I realize he just wants to torment me

His minions below start to rile and get violent


they laugh and fight

Watching me struggle with a smile

My misery is their delight

I fight back my tears and bile


His jaw creaks open wide

Out comes a deafening scream

I shrink down, nowhere to hide

Thinking, sobbing, Is this as real as it seems?


He shouts centimeters from my face

Things I never want to repeat

His minions on the floor pace

I pray for my heart to keeps it's beat


Soon the horrid figment evaporates

His lackeys follow suit

It felt so real how can it be fake?

I shake as my neck starts to bruise.


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