Walk down the street

See the invisible people

Walking by you, in stores and shops

All with illnesses discreet


Our world today just doesn’t see

These people with mental health problems

As anything more than a nuisance,

Or worse, on a bad day, just crazy


Real people with real problems

Who have such little support as it is,

And we look away, unaware or worse uncaring

Only seeing them as bums


But who are we to judge?

People with psychosis

Or some other diagnosis?

And their prognosis?

Psych hospital, jail, or other societal necrosis

While the so-called ‘normal’ folks enjoy their apotheosis

As they sit high and mighty with their own breed of neurosis.




My aim is to return to school

Learn what I can to help,

And better the lives of as many as I can

Who society ignores as a rule.


Help me

Help them




Very powerful and it's nice to know that someone else is trying to make a change and help. Thank you.

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