Psalm of D. I. Watts


Where there was once only youth there is now wisdom far beyond my years.

I have never seen a righteous man forsaken, nor a wild thing sorry for itself...

However, once upon a time there was an innocent little boy with a dream living a life of smoke and mirrors because on his face is a smile but in reality it seems as if he is watching his life fall apart in front of his eyes.

While ignorance is bliss for his sister’s sake, he holds in the pain of everything he has seen, heard, and now knows to give her an ounce of peace. Despite it, she turns to ounces of trees to help her ease. Funeral after funeral, but at least someone gets to rest in peace.

The irony of it all is the best memory of his life is acting on the same beach where he buried that innocent little boy and dream…


I wonder if that little boy died from feeling sorry for himself.


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