Acute overdoses of Effexor XR have occurred at 0.45 g and 0.675 g

450 mg and 675 mg, respectively

Each pill contains 150 mg

3 or more pills for overdose

Overdoses may prove to be fatal

Other symptoms include nausea





Death is ideal but bodily injury will suffice

Tip: ingest with alcohol to increase chance of fatality


Suicide cocktail: aspirin, razor, hot bath

Thin blood with aspirin

Dilate superficial blood vessels with hot bath

Slice through veins upward with razor to increase surface area

Exsanguination is imminent


Travel to nearest highway

Make journey at night as to not arouse suspicion

Lie down on blacktop

Wait for oblivion


Gather heavy rocks

Place rocks in bags

Wear bags while walking into nearest river

Virginia Woolf would be proud


Lie in bed at 2:15 am

Let the tears flow down your cheeks because you’re pathetic

Write a stupid poem

Eventually escape to the dream world

Sleep your life away


Say you’re okay


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