I'm very disappointed in "responsibility" in general. I come across as the wrench in the machine by using the word "you" but you see why.

The responsibility relies on people standing behind a gun, period! The responsibility relies on people holding a knife! The responsibility relies on the people holding a bow and arrow!

That responsibility does not have race or color!

That damn responsibility is a human responsibility!

Humans who cary the honored privledge to hold responsibility for another human life!

That responsibility is ultimate power!

We would all agree, we have to appreciate life "before" we are given that responsibility!

No excuses, justification, blame or shame will change that responsibility! Ever! .

It relies on the person weilding that power! Always!

Sometimes that person is a 4 year old who reached into his mother's purse and accidentally shoots his mother!

It is the greatest responsibility!

You hold a bible and you hold a responsibility to God! That responsibility comes with respect for God and the dead!

Respect for fallen soldier's families! Respect for our traditions!

Respect for all people, not just the people holding "the honor" of weilding ultimate power!

When you hold a gun you hold it with the honor of being able to respect human life!

No excuses!

What you said was very kind and very much appreciated! I'm happy you took the time to respond with something deep and meaningful. I can tell you know what pain is! You are a breathe of fresh air in these omnious times!

I don't mean to use the word "you" in a personal way but "as a blanket statement" to being human!

We owe a grattitude to each other for being human. What a gift!

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