Mon, 06/18/2018 - 19:47 -- Jozondi

I talk about Protest, they think that I’m just adding more stress

But I cannot stop because We need progress

Build up a country yeah Issa long process brush off the thorns to get to the roses

Our voice is the bandage, injustice we closing

Protesting we need it enlightened we greet it

It’s leading the people like Moses (x2)

The people need voice and I be saying it isn’t a choice

Connect with the Web, express like Dubois

Some roll in the dirt some roll in the Royce

To combat the issue it needs to be heard

I scrabble their minds, see the points in my words

If there is no protest, our vision is blurred

And then we don’t change so the pain will return

Like the pain with the melanin “who let this felon in”

Or the pain of the sick who just don’t got the medicine

pain of pollution disaster is eminent

pain of depression I feel so irrelevant

Addressing this issue mail news to the government

start conversations so stations can cover it

Healing this nation each day we recovering

Nationwide with message yeah we got good coverage


Protest on the streets

Connect with the soul protest on the beat

When I drop this track make em protest the heat

If you going to protest put this on repeat (uh)

Four letter word you might heard (uh)

It could stop all of this murder

(Huh) They call it love

The G.O.A.T of the gifts that will come from above

And don’t ever forget Issa blessing we living

From millions of cells you the one who has risen

I know this hard when you raise in a system

They say that they hear you but don’t really listen

There’s problems with prison and racial division

and even with babies who makes the decision

Protest is the blue print that leads to the vision

The best in the game made the cut no incision


Protest is the clap back nothing to laugh at

Rocking the country while rocking a SnapBack

The truth got no filter yeah this is not SnapChat

stop all this war cuz it could get M.A.D max

The tension is rising just like the climate

Rope to the future there’s one way we climb it

Grip to the truth and do not remain silent

see for (C4) the people the change you must prime it

Be the change: Green Light nothing stopping me

Beat the train: I’m A.I you ain’t crossing me

Center Frame There’s no way that you’re cropping me

A Fax Machine that grew sick of all these people copying


Now if I hold this sign

Is it my heart or my words you’ll define

I am sorry I cant stay in this line

Can no longer conform cuz my soul want to shine

Be the change in the world that you wish to see

Ghandi saw oppression and worked to get free

And I see the lion in each human being

For the cause I don’t pause yeah Ill never flee

By speaking our minds our world stays honest

Don’t try to ignore it instead let’s acknowledge

the problems we have to get to what’s promised

A living for all where we all living flawless

For this is the reason we protest

I’m expecting our greatness and no less

With this passion for music I progress

Any issues that dawn I will profess (Yah)

This poem is about: 
Our world


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