Protect and Serve


Protect and Serve

These are the words 

Of the men who swore

To potect us

Not Kill and enslave

And dreadfully maim

The people around us


To keep the peace

And defend the rights, Natural and civil 

Of the populace,

Of the cities, of the states,

Of the countries, of the world

Instead we find, the homicide

of these right we hold so dear


To keep murders at bay

And the theives under control

And the gun weilding psychos

From wielding their ugly  tools

Instead the roles are swapped

With no one to step into the shoes

Of the keeers of the peace, that we once knew


Let not Trayvon and Brown

and any other victims 

Of the killings and beatings

by the law 

Who suffered in pain

Should not in vain

Because of inaction

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