Sun, 05/28/2017 - 16:14 -- QuinnG

Rapunzel just waited

Up in her tower

For a man to come

And give her a flower.


But what if she didn't

want that man

to come to her

like a 1D fan?


What if she wanted

The girl from the shore

To carry her away

and give her much more?


Maybe she wanted a girl

But that wasn't proper.

So she settled for a man,

A prince, not a pauper.


The prince pulled her hair

Yanked and pulled while he climbed.

And Rapunzel couldn't help

but be dissapointed when he arrived.


She wished for a girl.

One that would kiss her without complaint.

Not this dainty little prince

who would make her fingerpaint.


And perhaps he loved her;

Perhaps she loved him too.

But whenever she saw that servant girl,

She ceased to love her 'boo'




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