Prompt for the written commentary

White footprints left behind


Walking through the brittle snow

Having time to see the show

Walking toe to toe

The tree hanging low

Missed it by a inch

Not wanting to be the grinch

Taking the snow by a pinch

Too cold to handle

Holding  a warm candle

Gazing to the light

Over there on the right

Too little to dim

Did you bring the film?

Creating footprints,

taking off in a sprint,

a gush of wind brushes by

making me want to cry

It’s okay,

we can still play

Let's make a fort!

No need to be short

All help is wanted

no need to feel haunted

Hurry up!  We can make it to dinner

I won! I’m the winner!

Mom’s gonna be mad

I’m gonna tell dad

Snow is on the floor

I am definitely sure

mom is going to fuss

Don’t worry

We aren’t in a hurry

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Our world
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