Promises Broken Like Shattered Glass

A promise is given based upon one's word
A bond of trust reinforced with honor... or shattered into dust in the forge it was smelt.
To say i'll be there forever and always, then walk away leaving me in bitterness and sorrow.
To say i'll hold and guide you through the shadows and nightmares, but left alone to wallow in death and despair.
A promise isn't just a bond or a word given, it is a commitment to another straigh from the heart, and could always be the point between life & death or even a happier life to a darker time.
To open your heart and let another in, its just the start of the beginning of the end.
I promised to be faithful,forever and always our bond of trust will never break unlike my
I would shed my tears for you and never speak a lie even though life has truly been a miserable time.
But now there is a new purpose, a new warm glow. it makes me feel alive and renewed and its
all because of...



A promise can be difficult to understand- we all know what a promise is, even though it is not something we can touch or see, and we all know what it feels like when a promise has been broken. I think you described in the title of your poem exactly what this feeling is: like glass being shattered. This is a great use of a simile, and sets the tone for this deep and insightful poem.

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