She will always hold a place

special in my heart

Even though, in the end

we have grown apart.

A first love so strong and dear

that lasted so very long

But it seems, as fate believes

her and I don’t belong.

And though it hurts deep inside

I know I can move on

Because, though that love ended

my heart is not gone.


Hear me when I tell you this

my words are firm and true

Give me your hand, and your heart

and let me prove I love you.


You stood beside me

through the bitter fights

The sickening end, my cries

near death that caused you fright.

I know I always speak of her

it seems I love her more

But she was all I ever had

or so it felt before.

I promise you when I say

all my heart is to you

And all my love and dedication

goes to you, through and through.


Listen to the words I speak

I know it’s nothing new

But open your ears, and your heart

and let me prove I love you.


Countless days and countless night

my heart and eyes ached.

Deteriorating in despair

as I let my heart and psyche break.

Starving from the sickening pain

and tearing myself away

You stood by, loyal as could be

and watched over me day by day.

Blind, I couldn’t see the truth

the love you showed to me

But now, let me prove to you

that your love, I can see.


Hear out my feeble plea

I promise I’m almost through

but open your soul, spread your wings

and let me prove I love you.


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