The Promised Truth


Hmm so I ponder and wander and wonder 
What will I grow up to be in is life of mine?
Maybe that doctor that will be saving lives
Or that business owner that will get eaten alive;
By the economy, that invisible leader that we're too blind to see
Pshh, that's not me!
I'm going to grow to be the best man I can be,
Growing physically and mentally, and focusing on what's in front of me
Keeping a steady drive to take care of my family
And I'm always striving to grow spiritually,
Some people call it finding the ultimate reality
Spreading love amongst all of society.
I know I'll get questioned about a "salary"
But please don't taint my running battery 
That is running in my head, and reaching unthinkable levels
My love for humanity can not be severed
We were all made to love one another
So I guess you can say my dream job is to love
But that's one thing I can say that sounds too broad
I am going to love, write, and work
And appreciate my time on Earth
So could that be called a job?
I mean that's better than the whole mob
Choosing an occupation;
I could get any of that with my future education
As I write and think about this, my mind flies in a joyous bliss
No hand will ever drag me in dark abyss of soullessness 
So I promise you!
I will not work that nine-to-five that you see everyone do
I am on a viciously awaited mission
To live life in the human coalition 



I like this


Thank you, I appreciate it :)

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