The Promise of Spring

a november leaf,

you turn it over anew.

lying in wait,

you murmur and coo.

dead grass beneath,

it’s just outside of your reach.


the sky fogs over,

dusting the earth and the air between.

you don a new coat,

soft, white, and pristine.

the cold becomes your lover

as the sun hides under cover.


your hands are shivering

like sapling branches in the wind.

flakes of snow grace your knuckles,

not meaning to offend.

no leaves left to fall

for bitter cold has taken them all.


the snow promises to melt

this season will pass

you think, you pray, you hope

before you break, a frozen lake like glass,

your thoughts may bloom,

an escape from this endless gloom.


but a blue sky hides

above a sheet of grey.

you long to shake off your winter coat

day after shorter day.

your patience is ebbing

as gossamer snow becomes your bedding.


a season of dormancy,

you can almost taste the new beginning.

spring on the tip of your tongue

as the earth keeps on spinning.

dead grass beneath,

it’s just outside of your reach.

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Our world


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