The promise I made

The promise I made
The promise I made for you
Was to stood by you
Like anchor of a pillar
And never let go of you

My promise was genuine
Cause the love I found was real
My heart always gives signal
When it comes to you

My promise for you is that
My love will always remain with time
My love will remain in each test
It is the way I want you to see
A way that you truly impressed

If I was given another chance to make a promise
You alone would I made another promise for
Cause when my heart take a jump
I feel you around
It's every beat and every pump make me feel you around

The promise I made is real and genu
It was too hard to gather
The courage to tell you
How everyday make me bother

How much I love you
But now your eyes are my strength
The truth and love that lies
Beneath that pretty fence of my

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