Progression Over Time

Thu, 01/09/2014 - 10:41 -- Rlafond


He's rejecting himself from the world that we live in

, he's basically giving up on the life that was given,

he's sinning with no intention,

messing up the invention,

that the lord has intended to make us fit in just listen

to the flow as i go,

letting everybody know,

and learn about the person whose lifes expected to grow,

moving slow, take it one step at a time,

listen close as i keep the flow to this rhyme,

he shines, but just a little, everyday he'll progress,

eliminating everything in like that causes him stress,

none the less would he love himself cause all stress is doing is hurting his health for his self, yeah,

and he's staying on his grind every chance that he takes,

and hes always thinking twice on every move that he makes,

its worth the wait, when great things happen in the end,

so stay strong and thats a powerful messgae he send,

so look at where he started and all the things he been through,

all the hard work he finds the heart to pull through,

you can ask anybody and I bet they'll agree,

the person ive been spittin about is surprisingly me. #YouOnlyWriteOnce


                                                                                                                                                   Ron Lafond




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