A Progression of Friends

Thu, 03/22/2018 - 08:13 -- knolfo

It was the beginning of school, and I was having an extremely boring day,

when I made a change, without thinking what may of happen to me

The hallways looked congested, so I decided to take a different way,

And suddenly, I was on the floor, knocked over by someone I didn’t see


Then there he was, helping me up, I knew we’d never spoken before,

I could lie and say that I didn’t fall in love right there and then,

But again, that would be a lie, and he was so easy to fall for

I was cautious, though, I didn’t need to get hurt again.


Falling in love was natural and simple and fun

But realizing it was something else completely,

I’m still young, my search for love shouldn’t be done,

With my luck, there was no way this would end sweetly


We fought like cats and dogs, yet somehow we survived

We worked to stay together, but it looked like we couldn’t

Society didn’t like us, yet what we had still thrived

People tried to involve themselves, but we made it clear that they shouldn’t


I never imagined how right about my luck I’d be,

Nor how I’d react to the thought of losing him.

I never realized how much he needed me

Until we called it quits, and the world became grim


Losing him hurt like nothing had before

I began to distance away, caught up in when we were us,

He distanced too, I never saw him anymore,

Until one day, he stopped me, we had much to discuss.


After that terrible and fateful day arrived

and everything that we had fell apart,

We didn’t speak for a year, somehow I survived

When we finally spoke again, he’d had a change of heart


“We need to talk,” He said, and for the first time, I cared.

So that’s what we did, we talked and talked and talked

“We really messed this up, the thing between us,” He declared.

I agreed with him, and we made up, I was shocked.


He didn’t care about me as much as he did before, not that he was telling me

He’d moved on, I just was clinging onto nothing

But anxious not to lose him, I pretended to agree

And tried to convince him that we still had something.


We talked often on the phone, I had never done that with a friend

We talked once a month, we grew close once more

That I didn’t care that much, I still had to pretend

I hadn’t now seen him in over a year, yet he’s the one I fell for


That concludes the story of the one who I fell for

Sadly, I this is all of  the tale

The one that started with me falling on the floor

We are still only talking, I still call the male


But one day something must change

One way or the other, this cycle must end

We can’t stay like this forever, it’s way too strange

Whether we both move on or come back to each other, it must come to an end.


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