Let’s go to the dawn of creation

Where god shaped the nation              

To roam free and revel in his creation,

Molded by his hand he gave man,

A world,

 A garden,

 A sea,

 All around us,


Beautiful advanced technologies astound us,

Traveling near and far,

By car,

 by sea

 by Plane,


A promise,

Each rainbow painted in the sky,





Ribbons painted with his love,

Water won’t plight the world again,                 

A world covered by night’s blanket,

In the black we sin,

 The dark where all creatures roam,

Reveling in indecent deeds,

Truth from fallacy,

Who will be there to bear testimony?

When those we are following are being brought and deemed untrustworthy,

White house deformities, complexities

yet we must trust with ease?


In a world where we spend every day,

Is a sin everyday that minimum wage doesn’t pay,

But how does the fowl allow those above us to surpass living standards,

The country fails to adhere to,


I can simply tell you that yezzus,

Nothing alike Jesus cannot be crowned king,

 As barbies become role models,

And sexual icons at the same time,

Contradictions sparkle like a silver dime,

In the sunlight at the right time,

To shine light on this world we’ve come to be,

The world we have come to see through television programmed glasses,

Multi social classes and trend setting goggles,

My mind is boggled,

Though we try and try we still cannot see,

Because it’s unclear to see what it truly means to be free?


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