The Process

Wed, 11/05/2014 - 01:15 -- gvlden


The true me is a process 

The true me

Is question that I sometimes have to contemplate sadly

Cause my generation, my parents, and the people on TV

Are all fighting the fight to try and define me

Internally it has been an eternal question

Right out the womb everyone contributes a suggestion

 Swallow their words but insecurity is the result of the digestion

I want to regurgitate it all like Usher here is my confession


How long can I rely on the lies of things deemed pretty

If my impression can impress then I won’t need your pity

But that’s not the true me

The answer to the question of my identity is not found so easily

Take away the makeup the hair extensions that are arranged so delicately

And maybe you can find a me who doesn’t present her identity falsely


After this is gone can I be me… No

Know that the true me still faces a façade also known as a nuisance in my decade

The notorious… always wanting to be victorious…creators that think themselves to be glorious

And now I to you I present…

The being that I speak of known as the parent

When their  good intentions stifle your dreams

When the weight of you your GPA dare to tear the seams

 It seems as though the parental units have gone beyond their call of duty, task, and junction

Because when did parenthood and love become synonymous with dysfunction


So take away the world’s definition of beauty and the voice of an adult

Could the true me truly be the result.

Not quite there is one more curtain

The fear of rejection …I’m not the only one behind this one, of this I am certain

It is what lies beyond this one that is our greastest fear

for once this once is removed a stage will appear

On this stage there is no props nothing to hide behind

Nothing to protect you from the words and actions of the unkind

When I let my guard down its no longer my decision

The world can dissect me and make an incision

This fear in many ways model a self prison


Tell the world I am pretty

Tell my mom to accept me

Tell my confidence to live despite those who neglect me

And behind the outer layer the façade the curtain the prison

Lies my true soul which longs to be risen

 When given

The chance

You’ll see her dance and rejoice with glee

Because only at this time can she act comfortably


Here lies no lies but only the true me

 Who wants to make an appearance

More often than rarely


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