Problems of Yesterday


United States
26° 35' 10.1688" N, 80° 10' 34.8492" W

Walking home, long day.
November already?
We vote, and give thanks.
The leaves are brown.
And the weather slips down.
The cold giving me a slight chill.

My mind is cloudy,
But yet it’s clear outside.
Can’t even hear myself think.
Staring straight at the ground,
Leaf, rocks, left foot, old gum, new gum, right foot, napkin, cigarette, left foot.

On the surface, all the noises of the world.
Voting? to or not to?
Abortion? for or against?
Taxes? all so confusing.
The word makes me giggle.
Tics-blood sucking parasites.

Buried thoughts, everyday needs.
All so heavy with disparity.
Get through school they said.
You’ll be better off that way.

Stepped in a puddle.
Emotions rising,
Anger peaking.

Stuck my hands in my pocket.
It’s getting late.
I looked to the left.
Homeless man, holding a sign.
“Out of luck, need a buck.”
Threw him two.
One for good luck.
“Thank you!” He says.
“You are a good person.
May God Bless people like you.
Fortunate and beautiful,
You really have it all.”

I took a deep breath.
I felt his words.
Life could be worse.
No home, no family,
No job, no school,
No nothing.
But yet, he can still smile,
And have nothing at all.
No insurance, no cellphone,
No car, no medications,
No nothing.
And yet, he can still smile,
And have nothing at all.

And all those problems subsided.
The trees looked a little greener.
I waved.
He smiled.
Problems of yesterday.



This poem is beatifully written.  I wanted to laugh and cry while reading this! Great job!


This is so beautiful. So beautiful.

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