Problems of Today

People being killed on a daily bases

The bond once formed by the human race is decinigrated

one tragic death after another

Our young black men are being taken everyday

Some because they have a hood on their head 

others because they look like they're up to good

These are the problems we face, the problems of today

The problems we as the united states must change


The problem of our children always ridin' shotgun

But they run when them shots come

cause they're scared of our police and gettin' shot with a tiny shotgun

The problem of our young men rippin' through the streets until their feet get tired 

just to keep their shoes off them power lines


The problem of us being defined off the color of our skin

The problem of us having to lose just to win

The problem of our kids having to go to school and wonder if somebody will

bomb the place

The problem of us knowing all the lyrics to Beyonce's 7/11 but needing

a hymnal just to sing Amazing Grace

These are the problems we face 

The problems of today 

The problems we as the united states must change

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