Like A Prison

Society or more like a prison?

A prison full of racism and negativity.

A prison where we are often lead by brain dead megaphones who are stuck in their own astrodome.

A prison where we feel alone, while we scroll through our phones because being in our phone is more important than human interaction.

A prison where distraction is a lot more typical than taking action.

A prison where success is defined by the amount of money in your bank account,

Or whether or not you ride a Ferrari.

Sorry to disappoint you, but success isn't about the dough or whether you're liked by hundreds of people.

Success is about being happy doing what you love regardless of how people perceive you.

Remember we can’t always please every being.

Society or more like a prison,

where it's okay to judge a person by the color of their skin.

See, you don't know where a person has been or what they've been through,

so don’t you dare judge them just because in your world they're somehow “less than”.

We’re all here for a purpose.

That purpose being to leave a part of us in this world.

Forget this computerworld, and be who you want to be despite if people agree.

Just like Steve Jobs said, “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice.”

We all have a choice to whether or not be our own being.

So create your vision, be the being you wanna be, and fix this prison we’re living in.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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