Thu, 04/03/2014 - 21:05 -- KoriO


I would change our priorities, We can not see past the word "Me", In a generation of yolos and F**** its , We've lost our witt and theres no doubt about it, we try to be someone unknown, disgregarding how we have grown, The lectures the lessons the morals the right, we use force to prove our might.

we want power and riches and we'll do what it takes to get there, In a country of "equality" and gay marriage is an issue tell me how is that fair?, those against gay marriage dont see that these people just want to be happy, but we're not comfortable so we say no, threaten politicians to agree because their constituents say so, they comply to be re-elected, Careless of who they've effected.

We preach about defending the usa and joining a fleet, our very own veterans live on the street, It seems the ones with good intentions get pushed aside and re-directed, so who's protected? No one.

No one cares about another, a child abandoned by a selfish mother, a rich man angry because he's late to meet, ingrateful he has food to eat, walking past the homeless veteran who lives on the street.

Children failing and promoting disrespect, using violence and drugs to get respect.

friends let jealousy get in their way, destroying one another with what they say.

We focus too much on how we feel, inconsiderate of problems that are real, If we all cared about the who not so much on the what, maybe this world wouldn't be so corrupt. 


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