Princess Dreams



Don’t be foolish enough to trust this bluff

When midnight  approaches this persona comes alive

Awaken from an eternal slumber

A poor unfortunate soul with a heart made of gold

Finally found the light Tonight…


The Princess has awakened

In this life, I was told that

I would have to do more than just

Wish upon a big bright star

In order to make my dreams  come true

My guardian angel told me that

Faith without works is dead and useless”


With my pen I’m writing my future

I want to be a voice heard around the world

My purpose is to make people smile and realize their worth

My dream is to touch others with magical words


So, if a dream is a wish that your heart makes...


Well, this vision of desire that lies against my heart

And constantly plays itself out when I close my eyes

Is dying to come to life and

Leave the provincial  state of a

Particular realm in my mind


Someday my rainbow will come shining  through

Diamond stained window panes

And bestow a glow created by the




This glow will feed my motivation

To want more than what

Ordinary People settle  for

I’m no Plain Jane or Simple Sally

I’m up for every adventure

That passes my way

To experience A Whole New World,

Mine for the taking


With every Princess,

Lies a story of how they became royalty

And this one hasn’t had it easy

No father to guide me down the road(s) not taken

To pick me up from falling

Warn and save me from disasters waiting to happen

No fairy-godmother to transform this little ducking



What I have, nothing can ever come close

I have guardian angels who are also independent Queens

Born and raised in the concrete jungles

That we call New York and DC


Upon every street lies a dream

That never left the block

Because there was always a

Villain or Nonbeliever

Us, sweet dreamers allowed to stand

In our way


Guess, what?

Not for this Princess!

I see this world as vast

As the oceans it hosts

I am the captain of the vessel called Hope

Singing a humble melody that calls out to

Beautiful Believers everywhere

Spiting and writing bold, inspirational verses of poetry

That will restore faith to blocked ears

Share my story

Then, may all the walks of life cheer


For this City Princess has

Made her mark

Because now that you’ve listened to my

Words and taken them to heart

You’ll forever remember that

I was here,

            Not just on a chance of luck,

                        Just another piece of the puzzle called the World.


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