Princess In a Blue Dress

I really thought that if I went to your ball,

We wouldn’t speak,

But the sight of you would make me weak,

And surely I’d fall.

Because you,

You’re a princess,

A princess in a blue dress.

You made my heart fall through,

Right off my chest

And surely the man who’d marry you

Would be more than blessed

And you’d be his queen,

My teenage crush since thirteen.

And I’ll admit, I’m stuck in the past

Because my feelings have not yet passed.

They’ve been around for so long,

and for your hand I’ve never even asked.

Nobody has loved you as I do,

They charmed you,

But you sadly never knew,

all of them were untrue.

You deserve the world and the best,

It is something I behest,

As you are a princess,

A princess in a blue dress.


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