Wed, 10/15/2014 - 23:45 -- cacox17

I was a princess

Trapezing through the opulent halls of my benevolent palace

Descending the grand staircase

In a frivolous gown

with soft pearls encircling my neck


I was a princess

The epitome of grace and beauty

floating through a gold- plated ballroom,

airily conversing with dignified guests,

all the while not missing a single beat of the complicated waltz


I was a princess

Strolling through the private gardens

Relishing in the mild June air tipped with a hint of lavender,

Prancing down cobblestone paths

and with a trace of summer blackberries dancing off my tongue


Twirling in our cramped little kitchen

in that oversized, overused little green dress

dirt smudged on my face

and tangles in my hair,

I was a princess



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