When I was a little girl

I was told to be a princess

I was told to fix my hair

Paint my nails

and wear fancy shoes

I tried to like what I was told to do

And strained my face

and pulled my hair

and blistered my feet in the cursed shoes

but it was not what I wanted to do

but I did it anyway

afraid of what they were going to say

I was painting my nails

and in the gloss

I saw my reflection

and realized I wanted to be the prince

the one that saved the princess

and fought the dragon

Who wore shirts and shorts

with torn up shoes

and have messy hair

And saved the princess

The crowd jeered

the preachers preached

the teachers glared

And the kids would mock my name

For they didn't see me as a human being

but just a dirty vase




This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



Hope You Like This Poem.  Its My First.

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