Tue, 08/06/2013 - 19:09 -- katlyon

My boyfriend calls me Princess
He does it because he's cute
And wants me to feel special
Though I wish he wouldn't do.

Because my father called me Princess
But used it as a slap
Saying I thought myself entitled,
A little piece of crap.

I was never perfect
I made mistakes as children do
But my mistakes would drive him furious
And then yelling's all he'd do.

"What makes you think you're special, kid?
That we need to clean up after you?
Do you think that we're your slaves?
Should I call you 'Princess' too?"

I know that he meant for it
To teach me to take care of myself
But the words and way he said it
Taught me something else.

When I saw frill or lace or finery
I thought them traits of a lesser kind
A derisive snort for weaker sorts
For those lacking in strength or mind

It made me shudder to think of such things
Imposed upon myself
I would not take that mantle
And with it shame like nothing else.

I would not need of saving.
I would refuse the help.
I would be stronger!
I must be stronger...
I would need nobody else.


But now my boyfriend calls me Princess
And there's no spite, just love in kind,
And now after much enduring it
I think that I no longer mind.


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