The Prince's Flower

Once upon a time

There was a beautiful peasant

With a golden mane like that of the lion and caramel skin kissed by the blazing sun

As beautiful as the peasant was, none in the kingdom dared to approach and ask for a hand in marriage

The peasant noticed and wondered what they had done to deserve the treatment

of a rat with the plague.

The peasant decided to reflect on what they had done and headed into the forest.

Days passed and still the peasant couldn't think of anything.

The peasant thought they were doomed to live life alone for the rest of eternity

But right before they put an end to it, there came a sweet voice from the wind

The peasant followed, trying to find this hidden flower

A man stepped from behind the tress, his cheeks flushed as the sweet apple,

eyes so wide they could contain the oceans in them, and lips as soft as the touch of a rose

He cried out and professed his love for the peasant

He revealed that he was a prince from a far away land who had heard of such beauty and grace

Something shifted within the peasant's core

How could the prince love them? Was it a trick? It couldn't be possible, right?

The prince cupped the peasant's cheek in his hand

The peasant could not resist and melted into his hand

Eyes closed and with nothing but the talk of the river and feel of each other's spirit

The peasant leaned in and kissed the rosy lips

Upon realizing what had happened, the peasant worried and pushed away from the prince

What had they done? If the peasant was hated before, they would be now.

Sensing his lover's plight, the prince embraced the peasant and whispered so lowly, even the wind had to quiet down

"Do not worry love, for my people and I do not care of your gender or class. Come, serve my people and I, as their King and my husband'

Tears spilled from the peasant's eyes. How could he say no? He had finally found someone to love

With a crooked smile, the peasant allowed himself to be swept up and carried off into the sunset

Where he could finally live in peace with the man he called his love

This poem is about: 
Our world


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