The Prince's Escape

Fri, 04/25/2014 - 03:56 -- LeeLee


United States
29° 47' 36.8124" N, 82° 15' 29.988" W
United States
29° 47' 36.8124" N, 82° 15' 29.988" W

Down the dark dungeon steps,
He ran for his life.
Down the tall tower stairs,
Footsteps close behind.

The footsteps following finally faded.
The prisoner ran on anyway.
If he were ever to be free,
He had to be gone by the break of day.

The shadows were his cover;
Night his only friend.
Running silently in the dark,
He ran around the bend.

The castle loomed ominously,
The guards were in plain view.
Though they were sleeping soundly,
He still could not get through.

Up the prickly ivy vines,
He scaled the crumbling castle wall.
Up the towering turret side,
Through the window he crawled.

The prince searched for his true love
Who thought that he was dead.
He had to find her before her father,
The evil king, forced her to be wed.

The cobwebs covered the hall,
The candlelight flickered in the gloom,
He went creeping onward.
The air was filled with doom.

Through her doorway he walked,
The door shut and sealed.
He had walked into the trap
The king had cunningly concealed.

Only one thing had gone awry,
One thing the king could not control,
His beautiful daughter had left a letter,
Hidden below the window in a hole.

Desperately searching for an escape,
The prince found the note.
The letter read, "If you really love me,
Leap from the window into the moat."

Could this be a cruel jest?
In disbelief, he read the letter again.
The door came crashing down;
In rushed an army of the king's men.

The sun's first rays shone.
He silently gave her this pledge,
"My love, your last wish will be my end. "
He lept off the window ledge.

Down from the tall turret window,
He fell through the whipping air.
Down into the deep dark moat,
He hit the surface and sunk there.

The water broke as he came up;
He floundered to stay afloat.
When he was about to drown,
The princess appeared rowing a small boat.

Together they sailed across and ran;
The giant forest covered their way.
The lovers escaped the evil king
And built their kingdom in a land far, far away.


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