Prince Charming is Out of Control

This is something most alarming,

All the guards are scurrying, swarming,

Carting 'round the great Prince Charming,

Knocking every village door!


If you ignore 'em they come charging

Arm in arm in matching garments,

Breaking down that village door.


Quick everybody, hide your darlings!

'Neath the bridges, in the garden,

'Fore they rush in storming, swarming,

Bursting through your village door.


In his carriage sits Prince Charming.

Manic eyes are ardent, darting,

Watching for the girl he only met the day before.


But Cinderella's now departing

From the kingdom of Prince Charming,

Fleeing and disheartened to the very core.


Still the guards are marching, marching,

Searching for the girl Prince Charming

Only met the day before.


And checking every village door!

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