Pride Is Expensive As F***

Pride Is Expensive As F***

by Tim Hargrow


Everything is awesome!

Pride Is awesome!

The best part about our pride,

Is how it’ll break us down, before we blossom.


Pride put me up on a high horse.

It gave me an “Air Head” so I could fly more.

It guarded me from my teacher’s sound advice,

my Education became an Ego fest, like a pride war.


So I dropped out.


Everything is awesome at 9,

but I’m exhausted by 5.

At least now I hold the leash on my time.

But where the f*** is my pride?


Stress is Awesome!

Cigarettes blossomed.

I had to water my pride,

So I dug to rock bottom


I realized there’s no wealth in this freedom.

Now Pride can’t help me when I need him.

I now gaze upon road blocks,

& zero steps to supersede them.


With pride nowhere to be found,

I marvel at the man it has shaped me into now.

A man set to earn his freedom amongst the college bound.

If you’ve ever seen college as anything less than awesome now.


I’ll remind you…






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