Indeed, I am the strongest and the Boldest

My Body finesses throughout the field

The blood on my chest, I say it was worth the kill

I Beowulf, am too prideful, How could I let someone replace me?

The hairs on my chin are graying and fragile are my teeth.

Yet, I refuse to let for someone eat the biggest portion of the lamb!

My following count is twice as much as the victories I've won.

There is no one qualified to replace me.

The sound of despair Humbled me

As I lay down on a pool of Loss

I come to the realization.

the dragon was not the only enemy

I to was the monster distancing my self from and friends and family.

My flesh was satisfied when others served me

In the morning I've wanted my avocado toast

The fattest pig, medium rare please! and I forgot what matters the most

The memories of joy with my loved ones became blurred

I felt regret.Spending my life showing off and gathering riches

woe was I thinking all the amazing memories i could've had

I wish I had three wishes.





This poem is about: 
Our world


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