Wed, 05/08/2013 - 11:51 -- XTAIGAX

The world is putting pressure on me
I can’t hear, I can’t see
Time for myself is what I need
Some time to think clearly, clairvoyantly
To keep me above the tides, for some buoyancy

My place is vast and wide
I sit there for hours with pride
Watching the oak trees sprout from a single seed
It keeps away from all the comments, so snide
For just a few moments, the mask I wear fell off and died

It is my spot that keeps this area alive
It is my space that lets this area strive
It is my area that makes beauty breed
It is my domain that lets the bees live in their hive
It is for my forest that the rain will dive

Trees brush all around, every shade
The leaves twist and twirl and they bade
They bade ‘hellos’ and ‘good-byes’ and plead
Then, silently, silently, they are laid
Only crunching as through them, I wade

It’s quiet and carries my dreams
Nothing is as it seems
The trees don’t trickle sap, they bleed
The light refracting off the water, it gleams
The creek doesn’t gurgle, it screams

It is my region that I can hide under
It is my range that people tear asunder
It is my location that is born of my creed
It is my territory that our open wide with wonders
It is for my forest that the storm will thunder

All the chaos that was in my mind
Is left farther, farther behind
Leaving me alone, the thoughts have agreed
They are organized and aligned
The silence rumbles now, oh so kind

It is my place that makes me ignore the comments, so snide
It is my forest that makes me glow with pride


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