Previously before a haze

Previously before a haze
Before the spots, that lethal craze
In a home with broken ceilings
With poverty and tortured feelings

Within a haze, there was a girl
With parents, who'd neglected her
Then began to gain, an anti-social disorder
Which started to take a toll upon her

She ran and came across
An emotionless wealthy cathouse
Where the head maiden took her in
That later became the famous kill house

During the days that led to her ongoing phase
The maiden had taught her, the coldness of ways
That the lavish of people wear the fur coats appealing
The maiden continued to tell her, the status of life so gleaming

So the girl grew with the need of the end of the dog days
Since the maiden had told her, spotted fur will take you to luxurious highways
The older she got, the more rabid the tasting
She slaughtered them all for the fur coat dalmatian

Older and older she began to immerse herself in sleeping pills
To calm her nerves and dream of the daffodils
And you know that she's there in the mad house
Because you'll feel the chills
The neglected child, the poor
Cruella de Vil


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