A Pretty Poem

How to be pretty if you are unfortunate with your looks; a WikiHow

Be realistic, are you “ugly” or just simply average?

Average is normal

Most people struggle with cosmetic issues such as



Chronic dandruff

And some with very serious problems  like severe burns or scarring.


Dress nice!

Jeans are boring

Keep it classy

Cover up

Wear earrings!- NO hoops


Try a little makeup

Wash your face

Eat healthy and exercise

be a nice person


Don’t become obsessed with physical beauty

Despite the fact the media has  trained you to your entire life


When i was just a little girl

i asked my mother

“what will i be?”


Will i be pretty?

Am I pretty?

How do I look?

How do I be pretty?


But after time i’ve learned

There’s no such thing as, “How to be Pretty.”
I just be pretty

I be pretty wearing my “woke up like this” sweatpants and my brothers t-shirt
I be pretty wearing calvin klein or sketchers

I be pretty wearing clothes that “don't suit my body type”
Or a dress that isn’t on vogues best collections of 2018

I be pretty wearing a shirt cut low and a skirt cut high
Because that shit looks good on me

I be pretty with my giant ass hoop earrings
I be pretty without my giant ass hoop earrings
I be pretty with the amount of makeup i decided to wear today, yesterday, or tomorrow

I’m allowed to change my mind


I be pretty with the curves my mother gave me

with my thick thighs and stretch marks
I be pretty with my fat ass;

I be pretty even when I’m being “unladylike”
Even when I look “unprofessional”
I be pretty with my hair straight, curly, natural, up, down, to the side
Whatever I want it to be
No one else has to think I’m pretty
Because I think I’m pretty
And if I think I’m pretty
I BE pretty

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