Pretty African Girl

pretty African girl, why do you cry?

why do those tear drops fall from thy eye?

do you not see or do you not know

the beauty that only you could show

pretty African girl why do you fret?

over every little thing you drape on your neck

to adorn yourself in fineries

as a way to enjoy the finer things

do you not know these finer things

will bring no joy, no matter if diamond rings

pretty African girl do you still not see?

why covet the looks of those overseas?

their pretty faces

and common graces

oh how you long to be

if only you could see

the beauty that you hold within

far much greater than any beauty pageant win

as you look in the mirror revealed is a queen

not one with facial imperfections or needs to be lean

the way you are is an art in itself

no need for beauty trophies to place on top shelf

you are who you are and be grateful for that

your beauty much greater than prized artifacts

you are a masterpiece, one of a kind

God knew what he was doing when he had you in mind

 don't covet another's beauty, for yours is divine

even like wine, oh how it ages in time

revealing the gloriousness of all that is left

beauty is not a single layer of skin, it has so much depth

so remember your royalty and present yourself as such

because the talent you were given was oh so much

to covet after another would be quite a waste

no two people can both come in first place

love who you are with no regrets

to see your own beauty that is the real test

expose your true colors all to the world

and take that new hope out with a whirl

change how they think and what they might see

so all can see the beauty you house within thee

not with your face but only your heart

because that is where your beauty came from the start


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