press on (You)

i press on to seek You

i need to know You

i want to be like You

You will never leave nor forsaken me

You said that 

here i am, i know You hear me, You hear my prayers

i know that Your time is right 

all the time, it's about You

i want to know You because You accept me

You said come to My house as you are, I accept you

thank You for accepting me

unlike the world who don't accept me because i'm different

my heart beats a different drum, therefore, it's off rhythm to them

my heart beats just fine because You made my heart that way

i need Your dunamis( that word is greek for those unfamiliar ) power

not to be faster than speeding bullet because how many lives have been gone COUNTLESS!

not to be more powerful than a locomotive because all police will find is a fragment of your body

not to have heat ray vision, by that time, i'll be blind

the media forever continues to lie with souped up nonsense

Your power is truthful, the power to love others

Your power is truthful, the power to have faith and never giving up 

Your power is truthful, the power to inspire all that are lost in the system that continues to deny people who are look upon as degenerates

those powers You have, i want not for me, but for You to be inside me

have Your way with me

You have a purpose for me and i quench that thirst not to be hydrated

but to fill me up with love and joy

i also want to seek the fellowship on your sufferings

i don't want to compare my sufferings to Yours because Yours is greater

people laughed at You, i been there

people will look at me as a mormon and ridicule me, no problem

people are afraid of You because of Your magnificent powers

people are afraid of me because i'm a threat to society where the assumption is that i won't make it past 25

i made it

the world will continue to hate me

i know that knowing You will cause more suffering

it won't be a smooth ride

it won't be a walk in the park

i know what i'm up against

i ain't scare of anybody or anything except You

i press on for You

wherever You want me to be, i'm there

all i ask is reveal to me the spiritual inheritance of endless love, knowledge & wisdom

strengthen my body, my soul & my spirit

i'll fulfill Your prophecy

i know sufferings will come

i'm find with it because in the end, i know that i have to answer to You on judgement day

i pray that i never ever hear You say, I don't know you, depart from Me.





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Our world
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