He looks up and sees the moon.
It looks beautiful tonight.

Through the silvery slits of cloud in the sky
he stares,
Amazed, aroused, curious as to what it all means.
It stares back,
Laughing, taunting, fully aware.
They haven’t a clue.

What is he doing? Why hasn’t he moved?
He stands in the middle of the freeway.
Everything passes him by in motion,
Progressing to the speed of success
And achievement.
They are on their way,
But what of he?

The see him and watch him as they pass by,
Glancing through the rearview mirror-
Laughing, taunting, fully aware-
Then drive on.
He is a flash, a memory.
He was there, known,
And now forgotten.
But he still stands,
And gazes at the laughing moon
And the fire falling from the sky,
Foretelling of the evils yet to come.
Fully aware, solely aware,
He stands and watches
They haven’t a clue.


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