Preparing for the Future

The morning bell rings,
They file into the classroom.
Looks of fear, uneasiness, and confusion,
That is only seen on the first day of school.

The students pick a seat,
Sitting next to their friends.
Trying to find a source a comfort.
In this confusing new school.

The teacher stands up,
And pairs of eyes stare
And you begin the hour.
Trying to ease the stress of these young minds.

Throughout the course of the school year,
There will be ups and downs with classes.
But, the true reward is at the end of the school year.
When you see the progress your students have made.

Knowing that you made a difference in their lives,
Academically and emotionally.
Building relationships with your students,
And showing them that you care.


Helping them grow inside and outside of the classroom,
Helping them realize their full potential
Is what makes me twist and shout.



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