Prepare for the World

Remember the times

when 2 + 2 = 4

you couldnt answer the door

on the playground exchangin a dolla fo four


stashin the gameboy away in ya pack

eatin candy or chewin gum in class sittin in the back

no earings allowed

hell they aint pierced yet

fightin evriday

behind the handball courts we bet

on whose booty will be grabbed

what girl would be kissed

on to graduation

and the friends we would miss

till new ones came

and popularity shows its flaws

men became dogs

but women became the paws

or even the pawprint

of the devotion to Macc'n

dam at least u can

say all girls school dances was craccn

doe but its funny how we seen the smallness of the world

she swore he was ur only

but she was ur bros girl

and got into the issues

of bros before hoes

before you know it

the truth kno one knows

but its okay

because we get play

and we relay

but in the end

we kicc bacc

call it a day

and say

Welcome To EL AY!



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