Prelude for what's to Come

Dear Future Mrs. Crawford
At the moment I see you only in my dreams.

Years ago, being called the kid's who teeth were throwing up gang signs were just hurting words.
I protested only out of property damage and screams.

I came a long way, dear lady of mine.
From a boy who was always left out

To the man you see as dignified and divine
Despite the harsh critcisms that came out of others mouths.

They say struggles create character and strong personality.
I hold convictions about that.

Do you have any questions other questions about me?
In your eyes, I want to be the formidable, unforgettable painting of abstract.

However in my sleep, I see my journey to you is far from done.
At the moment, at best we can give each other preludes of what's to come.

This poem is about: 
My family


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