A Prelude: Trapped Within Gingerbread Walls

Once, I walked -
A studly lass, I, of grass and chalk.
Picnic baskets, summer breeze,
The air of new kin call out to me
But alas, t'was I who hadn't answered.

So sauntered had I, through mulberry brush.
Cared less for hearts, and more for nuts -
Kindergartner tears on rosy cheeks
And thrust was I upon my knees.
The men in leather armor scared to death.

Candles made the days, lightning turn the nights.
Concise and drab, torches shining bright - 
Yet hope, methinks, and I'll be alright.
One fine mighty day I was set aflight...

And I ran.

Past the Sun, and past the children now;
Ages longer they must have been.
My home I'd found again,
But home I'd lost to former friend -
Whereismeine Leiderhosen.

Struck down upon the invader
Me: the homecoming of former favors,
the light had placed the moon upon my blouse.

Awoke to ugly, struggled posture
And searched great lengths for the imposter -
But neigh, he'd vanished, leaving me at my house.

But lo - I'd found myself a witch,
An awful nose - and awful twitch.
And yet he wonders why I'm such a bitch.


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