Pregnant Perspective

Tue, 10/30/2012 - 21:31 -- Ashlash


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Wrong place, wrong time.
Avoid trouble? Can't help but do just the opposite.
Accidents happen and mistakes are made. Nothing else can be done.
Have a planted seed and there are only three options.
Options A and B are easier than C. So option A is chosen.

For nine months a being grows inside.
People stare and judge even though the situation is common.
No, no one said it was ok to be a young parent but I never thought it would be so lonely.
When will others understand?
How can I help them see the glass as half empty?
What can I do to make myself invisible?
Comfort from partner doesn't fully help.
I feel I am more ashamed because only my body is making changes.
Don't want pity or to feel like the victim but to feel as normal as everyone else.

The baby comes and so does pain. Never again want to experience the feeling.
Diapers, burnt money, eating, crying, school, and sleep are a nonstop cycle.
Help never seems like enough.
Teen pregnancy is ok? I don't know about that. Some find it ok to do it all over again but not me.
More preparation and age.
Solution to prevent this? ABSTINENCE.
Next time I will listen to the lectures.
My pregnancy is a lesson.



I admire your strength, and so should you. This situation may be tough, but you have an amazing opportunity to make it into a blessing instead of a "mistake".


It's not me but I have a lot of friends in this situation. I try to see the story from their side instead of looking on as an outsider. I did my best but I don't think I captured the emotion enough. I definitely think its a situation that has to be experienced instead of taught. But yes a blessing can come from a mistake. I absolutely agree.

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